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Transport and logistics app development:

Transportation and logistics industry is the most complex industry. The industry witnesses a gigantic migration of people and consignment via Air, Sea, and surface from one location to another. Digitalization of this business can ease your working in some areas and let you concentrate on bigger growth opportunities.

We at Prishusoft serve you with the best digital solution that will simplify the challenging nature of the transportation industry.

Digital solutions:

We have a long list of services to fulfil every need of the transport industry. Our services are tailored as per industry demands and business objectives.

  • Freight reservation system
  • Enterprise mobile application
  • Vehicle tracking system
  • GPS based monitoring
  • Incident management solutions
  • Toll management solution
  • Virtual reality based apps
  • Third-party integration

What will your business get from Transportation apps:

Technical advancements ease the work process and facilitate service providers for finding new clients and better management.

  • Seamless flow of data
  • Direct business management
  • Efficient system management
  • Increase the accuracy of the workflow
  • Point-of-care coordination
  • improved Convenience and accessibility
  • Real-time communication
  • Better customer service

Benefits of web apps to customers:

  • Better UI / UX in applications
  • Digital control of the vehicle.
  • Remote monitoring of vehicles.
  • Easy digital transactions
  • Data management without problems
  • Ease of finding information
  • The better orientation of the providers

Transform your logistic and transport business with our web apps:

Prishusoft is transforming the working criteria of transport industry with its smart and appealing web apps. There are many justifiable reasons that your logistic business needs a web-based app today.

  • Processes become smooth and seamless
  • Error-free warehouse management
  • Real-time tracking
  • Post delivery confirmation
  • Booking any shipment gets convenient
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Data accuracy
  • Monitoring employee movement
  • Paperless system

Why choose Prishusoft for app development?

Prishusoft has a rich experience of serving the transport and logistics industry. Our deep domain expertise develops a perfect solution for all your digital needs and takes your business to new heights.

We adopt all vital factors to make your app successful. Prishusoft works constantly to improve application development and satisfy the needs of our customers.

Inquire PRISHUSOFT for your Project Requirements.

We have great experience in
  • ASP.NET/C#/VB.NET - 100%

  • Web API - 90%

  • iPhone - 80%

  • Angular / React - 90%

  • PHP - 90%

  • Node Js - 90%

  • Android - 90%

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