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  • How to choose the right technology for web development

    The choice of the technology is a primordial influence upon both the state of a web development service. However, now the industry considers the adoption of a full-fledged technology stack- a collection of various languages, frameworks and domains that ensure that all essential parts of the website are successfully finished.

    But, mostly the choice of stack may vary greatly, and not just because of the specificities of a particular project, but also due to the issue of compatibility among themselves.

    This piece of writing aims to make it clear in a step-by-step and rational fashion. For this reason, every aspect of considering the options are tackled accordingly.

    Selecting the Right Framework:

    Framework selection may be a bit of a complex matter. After all, looking to enhance the development process is easier said than done.

    But, the two kinds of frameworks most well-known across the development world include:
    Basic Frameworks
    • Includes all MV* architecture.
    • Bound by the language or technology
    • Could be for the client-side like BackBoneJS, AngularJS etc.
    • Could be server-side like Laravel for PHP, Django for python etc.
    Platform Based Frameworks
    • Asks for what reason website is needed.
    • May include options for ecommerce like Magento, Zencart etc.
    • May include options for CMS like WordPress and Merengue.
    • May also include LMS Moodle like Drupal and SCORM.

    How to exactly make the best choice among everything involved

    There are tips involved, which you can generally consider to be standard in discussing the exact web technologies. It may apply for frameworks, stacks or individual elements

    • Correctly understanding client’s requirements
    • Breaking down the requirements for tackling them one-by-one
    • The exact demands of the nature of the solution
    • Researching to find proper and most effective answers to all the points above.

    How to Best Judge Technology

    In the web development domain, the entire breadth of the work to be performed gets divided into two main sections. These are composed of the front end, all things that the user can observe and perform visually, and the back end, which essentially drives any application and implements the call for any action to be performed.

    The technology judging guide has been tackled separately:

    Front End

    The entire technology stack is required to be selected under the following separate considerations:

    1. HTML:The Hypertext Markup Language is the base that actually tells the browser to display the content in accordance with the address given.
    2. CSS:Cascading Style Sheets determines the exact quality of the styles involved in presentation, including layout and color.
    3. JavaScript:The programming snippets promulgate interactivity with the entire website.

    Back End

    Although the stuff in the back end is the things that the user won’t see or understand, the bulk of the development efforts are in this including:

    1. Operating System: This acts as the entire base for development, as well as all structures and tools running for development.
    2. Web Server: It is essentially the constructed entity that processes requests from the user, and shows the results accordingly.
    3. Database: It is the software allocation infrastructure that acts as the repository of all data and information involved in the website.
    4. Programming Language: It is the central domain used for application coding- acting as the central hub for operating everything involved.
    5. Framework: Frameworks helps in quickening the development in different fashion.

    The availability of the appropriate technology stack

    Technology stack don’t need to be highly personalized. There are several standard stacks that can be chosen from, which are sought by many businesses.

    In most cases, the type of expectations and the personnel can determine the choice any one of the following options:
    LAMP: Linux (Operating System), Apache (Web Server), MySQL (Database), PHP (Programming Language) MEAN: MongoDB (Database), Express.js (Application Framework), AngularJS (front-end framework), Node.js (Runtime Environment) MERN: MongoDB, Express.js, React, Node.js

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