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  • Top Web Development Trends 2019

    The digital revolution is at its peak and it will keep evolving and surprise us with new trends and techniques. Thus, predicting what will rule the digital world in 2019 is difficult. But still, we are here with few web development trends that will give dominate the digital world.

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    Computer Science (AI):

    • AI or Artificial Intelligence is a process when your machine starts thinking with the same intelligence as we do.
    • AI undisputedly is playing a very important role in almost every sector and as per expert’s prediction the need for AI-enabled communication will prevail in 2019.
    • AI is supposed to drastically alter the digits of ROI and conversion rates and bring a new era of development for business owners.

    Chat bots-A human like interaction:

    A chatbot is the interaction of human with artificial human. The chatbot will undeniably shape the future of marketing in 2019.

    With Chatbot long hours of browsing for your choice will be converted into a Q&A session. Those websites that are integrated with Chatbots will grab much attention this year.

    Progressive NetApp's (PWA) in Net style and development:

    Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is a type of web pages that seems similar to the mobile application. It is an advanced version of net app development.

    PWA changing the trend of browsing:

    • It gives users a feel of using a native mobile application. If these web pages are preloaded on any then the user can access them even without having an internet connection.
    • Progressive net apps when combined with mechanical men instant apps provide you with amazing apps with animations and material type.
    • PWA comparatively provide quick and reliable loading of web pages.
    • PWA facilitates business to stay connected with their clients in a more convenient way. With its feature of a push notification, we always stay connected to them and keep them engaged with our products.

    Virtual reality- Technology at its best:

    Virtual reality may be a new thing for the digital world but if used it can give your users an experience of life. Mostly used for coaching and games but once evolved it will have endless prospects for any type of business.

    Suppose you want to buy a new car but you are not aware of its functions and interior. The introduction of virtual reality will let you experience your new car online. This may sound unbelievable but it will happen in 2019.

    Video content is obtainable in theatre expertise and URL’s seems like deposit exhibits. Virtual reality is a totally new concept and once introduced it will attract great opportunity for your business growth.

    IoT- Creating digital identity of everything:

    Internet of Things (IoT) is the most impactful trend that will affect business growth in 2019.

    Everything in this era will be connected to the internet and will have their own IP addresses. With this technology, things can exchange their data easily and but not necessarily understand them.

    Business organizations are using this technology to expand their geographical horizons.

    Motion UI-Exclusive website designs:

    To outstand in the crowd of the digital world one must have a unique website or mobile application.

    Motion UI is a new trend of designing and involves different types of elements like shapes, 3D objects, videos, illustrations etc. to make your website look more appealing than others.