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  • Angular 11 new features and key notes

    There are a whole lot of changes and additions that you can detect in the angular 11 release. They are as mentioned below:

    In the NGcompiler compiler CLI getResourceDependencies will be added for the compiler CLI. This edition will make the compiler integration accessing the resource dependencies of the files within the compilation. Just within the CLI's webpack plugin, this will be used for optimizing the process of dependency Discovery.

    Following are the key features has been added:
    • The addition will take place in the Ivy language service. It will be the support functionality for “go to definition."
    • The relativeLinkResolution the default value will be changed by the router of angular 11 from "legacy" to "corrected." Update of RouterModule configurations will be done by the migration. These configurations used the default value before. Now they will use specifically "legacy" for preventing the breakage at the time of updating.
    • In the "Legacy," functionality options for initialNavigation or will be added.
    • In order to fix the core introduction of a trusted types of policy is taking place. It is happening in the development mode. Through this fixing, even the unsafe and arbitrary conversions will also be allowed in the trusted types to support the development features.
    • Adjustments are being made in createUrlTree in and navigateByUrl for the process of code refactoring of the type of parameter and the router. This should make the process all the more perfect.
    • There is a chance that ngDevMode it will be used for improving the router performance. For tree shaking the error message, this is a good option.
    • Addition of an UnrecoverableStateError and notification is taking place for the service worker. This will fix the issue where the broken state would be shown, whereas the loading of only the application parts will take place correctly. This situation might arise when the browser evicts the cached assets, and they are not to be found anywhere else.
    • For Microsoft IE 10 and Microsoft IE 9, along with the IE mobile, is exempted from the support.
    • In formatDate format, support of ISO week-numbering year of will be an addition.
    • Defining of the interfaces for the compiler cli is taking place. This can be worth using for TemplateTypeChecker. There are specific improvements in performance that have taken place to compiler cli as well.
    • Regarding the core addition of migration is being taken place. This will find all the calls and imports to the async function @angular/core/testing deprecated and make replacements of the same with waitforasync.
    • Inclusion of Null is done in the Parent types.
    • Planning of multiple bug fixing is on the way that also includes the improvements of standard pipes typing and fixing to make sure TestBud is not instantiated in front of the override provider.
    • From the compiler, TypeScript 3.9 support is now removed. The advice of the TypeScript 4.0 upgrade is underway.

    Presently a road map has been published for angular 11. In their listing, they have mentioned the possible developments for the future options that include native trusted types and stick typing for the forms. According to the experts, these changes will be quite crucial in the long run.