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  • Benefits of agile software development

    The popularity of agile software development is increasing at a rapid pace. Since its release in 2001, the technology has evolved through many phases and finally became the apple of an eye among the project managers and industry owners. What's the secret behind the yearning for this technology?

    What is Agile Methodology?

    • The agile process promotes a self-disciplinary projects management approach that encourages leadership philosophy and continuous monitoring of the development process.
    • Moreover, this method also ensures accountability of the organization with high-quality software and on-time delivery, satisfying the needs and goals of the clients.
    • Agile development refers to the significant project development process where the philosophy of the Agile Manifesto is fulfilled. This Manifesto was constructed by an experienced group of fourteen pioneers in the industry.
    • It explains the 'high-profile' software development approaches with all the dos and don'ts. It encompasses a variety of project development practices based on the project type, complexity, transparency, and quality.

    In a nutshell, agile is an iterative, incremental approach for project management that serves all the advanced requirements of the modern work ecosystem.

    Fascinating Stats on Agile Software Development

    If you are on the verge of adopting Agile methods in your firm, these stats will trigger you in the right decision.

    • 71% of total global firms are embracing Agile methods
    • 60% of these companies have experienced massive growth in revenue structure after adopting Agile software development strategy
    • 80% of the federal IT projects are likely to choose Agile for its systematic work atmosphere and organized development approach
    • The failure rate of the Agile method is estimated at around 8% all over the world.

    Failure is a part of success. Brace yourself to find out the top benefits of Agile methods and why you should not delay in making the right decision.

    The Mind-blogging benefits of Agile Software Development

    Project transparency

    The agile development approach serves as a prime opportunity for the clients to engage with the development team thoroughly. They can prioritize the features and introduce new ones.

    Quality of products

    Agile software has an integrated testing method that is a crucial part of any project development. This integrated framework ensures enhanced quality and greater skills in the projects development approach.

    Project management flexibilities

    If you want to experience unparalleled flexibility in project management, adopting Agile methods is the perfect outcome for you. In comparison to other project management methods, Agile is cost-saving and easy to implement.

    Relevant metrics

    The metrics integrated by the agile team to enhance performance and management scope is far more accurate than other systematic technology implementation.

    Client satisfaction

    The client satisfaction rate is a crucial ingredient of a successful and influential organization. It is very unsatisfactory to receive negative comments from clients on a project the developing team has put their heart and soul into. This benefit of Agile let the clients capitalize on the opportunity successfully.

    Improve predictability

    The more visibility a project can have the better predictability it can offer. The agile framework is widely used to predict and risk and ensure to mitigate all risk management possibilities

    Better team engagement

    The success of a project entirely depends on the contribution of each team member and transparent communication within them. It eventually develops a sustainable work ecosystem where the quality of the software can be ensured and continuously encourages the members to input most of their abilities together

    To Wrap Up

    Apart from the generic benefits, Agile focuses on improving business value by improving the quality of the projects. It is a robust software development tool and offers various benefits to operate the projects. In addition, this software encourages the team leaders and members to fulfill their objectives and optimize their relevant skills by focusing on business opportunities.