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  • How much does it cost to hire Reactjs developer

    The rising popularity of Reactjs as a reliable and robust framework is undeniable. Reactjs offers a wide array of lucrative features that aid in the creation of scalable solutions. Even major global corporations, such as Uber, Instagram, Walmart, etc., are using the framework. That has driven most business organizations towards Reactjs. For that, hiring skilled and experienced Reactjs developers is a necessity.

    However, it is crucial to know more about this aspect before making a hiring decision.

    • High technical expertise:

      Having a profound knowledge of various technical aspects, such as JSON, advanced HTML, Rest APIs, etc., is crucial. With a solid foundation of the core concepts like JSX and functional modules, the Reactjs developer can contribute more to product development.

    • Knowledge of different technologies:

      Another crucial factor to consider is expertise in different technologies. Check if the Reactjs developer you want to hire knows how to work with Express, MERN Stack, etc. That will contribute to quality improvement of the project.

    Essential skills to keep in mind while choosing a Reactjs developer

    Before you choose the best Reactjs developer, make sure that the professional has a wide range of skill sets. Here are some crucial hard and soft skills listed below:

    • Hard skills:

      1. High proficiency in JavaScript is a must. Moreover, the developer must have profound knowledge of different aspects of the programming language.

      2. Another requirement is extensive knowledge of DevOps, HTML, CSS, and different CD/CI tools.

      3. The developer must know how to write clean and clear codes. It is a critical skill that will aid in the development of apps.

    • Soft skills:

      1. It is crucial for the developer to know how to work with a team. They must know how to communicate with other team members and collaborate efficiently with others on the project.

      2. Excellent problem-solving skills are crucial as complex issues are more likely to come as developers start the project.

      3. Acceptance of feedback and willingness to better the existing work is necessary. Besides, the developer must be interested in learning new tools.

    How to determine the cost of recruiting a Reactjs developer?

    In order to determine the cost of hiring a Reactjs developer, there are several aspects you need to consider. These are –

    • Expertise level:

      One of the most critical factors that need utmost consideration is the experience of the developer. The years they have spent in the industry are a testament to their technical prowess. Keep in mind that a fresher or a developer with a few months of experience will charge less. But, they will take more time to complete the project, and you might find inaccuracies. On the contrary, experienced Reactjs developers charge a high fee but are efficient in their work.

    • Recruitment model:

      Another parameter you can consider is the hiring model you want to choose for the project. The cost will vary depending on the needs of the project. If you hire full-time developers, the cost will be more compared to part-time developers or freelancers.

    Full time V/s remote Reactjs developers: The hiring cost

    One of the most crucial hiring models you need to understand is the full-time v/s remote developers. The average price rate of hiring an in-house developer is much higher when compared to a remote one. That is because full-time Reactjs developers require a salary, employee benefits, tools, and resources necessary to complete the project.

    On the other hand, you do not need to spend that much on remote Reactjs developers. Here, you do not have to provide the tech infrastructure essential for the project. Besides, you can save even more if you hire freelance Reactjs developers. In that case, you won't have to pay employee benefits, and the developers mostly charge on an hourly or project basis.

    Ultimately, the requirements of the project and the budget of the company play a critical role in choosing the type of Reactjs developers you want. It is crucial to consider different factors before you go ahead.

    Different types of pricing models when hiring Reactjs developers

    Apart from remote and full-time hiring models, there are other pricing models you can consider too. These are -

    Let’s know more about them to make a well-informed decision.

    • Fixed price model:

      The fixed price model is primarily used when clients have a pre-set budget for a short-sized project. Here, the requirements have been defined beforehand, and there is no need for additional features to be integrated during the application development process. This model is used by short-medium level companies.

    • Team model:

      The team or dedicated team model is used when there is a need to have a team of developers for a prolonged time period. In this model, clients can select the number of developers necessary for the project. It is best suited for organizations that need additional features and requirements for app development.

    Average rates of skilled Reactjs developers from different countries

    Are you interested in hiring proficient Reactjs developers across the globe? In that case, having in-depth information on the average price rates (hourly) can help.

    Country Average hourly rate
    India $15-$25
    Canada $30-$40
    United Kingdom $35-$45
    United States $50-$60

    However, if you are looking to hire a Reactjs development company, take a look at the table below –

    Country Average hourly rate
    India $20-$25
    Eastern Europe $22-$27
    Western Europe $37-$42
    Australia $40-$45
    United States $65-$70

    Note: It is essential to understand that these price rates vary depending on region, company, and the services you need.


    Recruiting the best Reactjs developer for your business or project is a challenging affair. There are several factors you need to consider before making the decision. Moreover, you must also have in-depth knowledge about the skills and expertise level of the developer.

    Besides, knowing more about the average price rates of developers from different countries is helpful. Though there is a vast talent pool, in order to succeed, you need to make the right choice.