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  • Prishusoft Receives Another Perfect 5 Star Review on Clutch

    We’ve been in the tech industry long enough to have seen quite a few development trends come and go, and to identify the ones that aren’t going anywhere. One of the big ones we’re a fan of right now: hybrid development languages.

    These frameworks give startup businesses the flexibility of appealing to the significantly wider audiences available across iOS and Android, while avoiding many of the pitfalls of older cross-platform solutions. That’s why we’ve invested a significant amount of our resources into developing this capability, and like our other focus areas, we’re confident that it will pay off for our clients.

    We’re excited any time we can confirm that those kinds of investments translate to better products for our clients, which is why our team was thrilled to receive another 5 star review on Clutch! Their review directories host analyst-vetted, case study-like interviews of past and present clients that help prospective customers choose who they want to work with. Each page on Clutch and its partner site The Manifest includes lists of companies like ours that provide services ranging from accounting to web development to graphic design.

    Our most recent client, a Virginia-based data analysis company, explained how we were able to solve the challenges their team had been facing in frontend development. Our team picked up their requirements list quickly and got to work designing and developing an interface for their customer-facing analytics platform, making use of Angular, Akveo themes, html5, .Net core, and Java. We’re also continuing to add features to the platform on an ongoing basis.

    “They are able to comprehend the requirements fast and were able to give suggestions where required.” — Consultant, Data Analysis

    If you’re thinking about developing a web or mobile app, or just want to talk to a team about the possibilities for a vision that you have, let us know! Our team is always happy to discuss great ideas and would be even happier to bring yours to life soon.