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  • ReactJS vs Angular

    Let’s first start with brief overview of both Reactjs and Angular.

    Angular is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks written in Typescript. It was developed and maintained by google. Framework (Angular 2 and above) was release on September 2016 which is complete rewrite of Angular JS which was release on October 2010.

    ReactJS is JavaScript library for front development. It is run by the open-source community of Facebook and developers. Framework was release on March 2013

    Advantages of Angular Framework:

    • Cleaner Code using Typescript
    • Declarative UI
    • High Performance
    • Simplified MVC pattern
    • Code Consistency and Reusability
    • Modular Structure
    • Simplified Unit-Testing
    • Ease of Maintenance
    • Better Error Management
    • Easily Upgrade the version using Angular/CLI

    Advantages of ReactJs Framework:

    • Reusability of the code
    • Better UI Experience
    • High Performance
    • Fast testing
    • Quick Development
    • Code stability with one-way data binding
    • Virtual DOM Model.

    Here are comparision of both according to their properties.

    AuthorGoogleFacebook Community
    Performance Compare to ReactJs slowUsing Virtual DOM Greatly improve
    LanguageJavaScript, HTML, TypeScriptJSX
    RenderingClient SideServer Side
    App. ArchitectureMVCNone, Combined With flux
    Data BindingTwo-way bindingOne-way binding
    Application TypesYou should use this framework If you want to develop a SPA (Single Page Application) and mobile appsPreferable to develop Native apps, hybrid apps, or web apps
    Best featureIt offers a limited amount of freedom and flexibilityIt gives you the freedom to choose the tools, architecture, and libraries, for developing an app
    Used ForTo develop large-scale, feature-rich applicationsUse for modern web development and native- rendered apps for Android and iOS devices
    Installation timeLong to setup, fast in terms of delivery and build appEasy to setup, more code time which delay in delivery


    Whatever may be your perception of the discussion about ReactJs Vs. Angular, you need to make choices based on your requirement of functionality and usability.