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  • Web Application

Online Survey Management System

Survey management is quick and easy to create a questionnaire/survey - for any purpose and tailored to your needs, can share to the one you want.

  • TOOLS & TECHNOLOGIES: MVC / Telerik Control / SSRS
  • INDUSTRY: All Domains
  • TYPE OF SERVICES: Application Design, Application Development, Application Maintenance


  • One line requirement, and build system which meets all kind of requirement to create questionnaire and survey.
  • Multi-language support
  • Multi Currency
  • Dashboard integration
  • Payment Integration
  • Restrict fake user
  • User friendly Interface to customer while they generate Questioners
  • Dynamic Report management to analyze survey and questionnaire data.


  • Client has given one line requirement and we have converted into system using using our analysis skill so it supports all kind of survey and questionire requirement.
  • Create normalize SQL Server Database so there is no compromise with performance.
  • Integrated multi language functionality, ability for admin to change multi language text directly from website.
  • Integrate the multi currency option using currency conversation tools with one base currency.
  • Created Interactive dashboard at Customer admin with all the details where customer admin can easily get all the details which they required.
  • Payment integration: used PayPal subscription method for payment integration.
  • Validate the user via email address confirmation before proceed with survey.
  • Provide all kind of facility with drag and drop ,up and down , easy and fast way to create question and also provide template so they can just change text from the template and used pre-defined questionnaires
  • Integrate Telerik thrid party tools as client requested
  • Various reporting solution including charts and table structure reports.
  • Created public website where admin create menus and contents.


We have successfully developed Online Survey application with all the features which we have analyzed and client has approved, lots of paper work converted into automated system.
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