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Being one of the most widely used SQL Database engines worldwide, SQLite is the best lightweight database that possesses all the features of the Relational Database Management System (RDBMS).

This easy to integrate database also supports structured query-based tool which supports all the types of queries of the relational database. Prishusoft is one of the most prominent users of SQLite to develop a dynamic and high-quality application for all purposes.

How will SQLite benefit you?

SQLite is a software library that implements serverless, zero-configuration and transactional SQL database engine. Despite this SQLite can process complex query commands that combine data from multiple tables and generate reports and data summaries.

Our team of experts SQLite developers is engaged in developing extraordinary databases in addition to web development.

Features of SQLite:

SQLite has myriads of features in its catalogue to rank itself as one of the best SQL databases. We have listed a few of them in the following section-

  • Serverless: SQLite does not require a separate server, SQLite library accesses its storage files directly.
  • Cross-Platform: SQLite resides in a single cross-platform file and requires no administration.
  • Self-Contained: A single library contains the entire database system and integrates directly into a host application.
  • Low maintenance cost, Minimum time in the development of web application
  • SQLite transactions are ACID-compliant that allows safe access from multiple processes or threads.
  • Our SQLite development team takes code testing and verification very seriously making our web application safe and reliable.

Why us?

  • Developers with tremendous knowledge of SQLite
  • We have a team of customer care that will bridge all communication gaps.
  • With our planned project development methodology, we help you with affordable services.

Our dedicated team of SQLite developers offers you the best services so that you don't have to compromise with your expectations. We serve you with-

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