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  • Build Mobile and Web Applications using Node.Js

    With the everyday innovation and technological growth, the world has been introduced with various technologies. It has become difficult to choose a specific technology for web development.

    Technologies and programming languages have been coming up every now and then. But JavaScript has always acted as a pillar and stayed throughout with developing itself with the modern needs and usage to develop high end applications.

    However, JavaScript had a breakthrough when Node .Js came into act and has taken over as an alternative.

    Basic overview of Node.Js

    Node.Js is regarded as the most important open source framework of JavaScript. It proves to provide a strong platform that helps to develop web based applications without any inconvenience.

    Since Node.Js is itself a network of libraries and tools, and results to become easier for developers to create server side and networking applications on the web. The server side JS framework is built on Google Chrome’s JS engine, hence the applications developed with Node.Js runs on multiple operating systems without any hassle.

    The Rise of Node.js is Perfect for Web and Mobile App Development

    Node.Js allows you to build cross-platform apps. It gives developers access to such great tools which makes developers' tasks easy. It has a swift way of developing apps.

    The rise of Node.Js to efficiently make things easy for a developer and make web app and mobile app development as a hassle free task.

    Benefits to choose Node.Js for Web Application development

    Some of the benefits are listed below:

    • Single code base which enhances overall web application performance
    • V8 engines speed up the Framework, hence Node.Js holds demand
    • Easy availability of developers as its basis is of Node.Js
    • Node.Js provides long term support to the developers which help developing and maintaining it.

    What makes Node.Js - A powerful technology?

    The Node.Js consists of elements such as V8, Libuv, Http-parser, C-ares, Open SSL and Zlib. The developers are turning their attention towards Node.Js and have used it to develop exceptional real time application launches.

    Node.Js has its core elements which distinguishes itself and makes itself easier and hassle free.

    Key Features and Framework of Node.Js

    Investment in a web development app is a risky yet important decision. Instead of directly jumping on for some top web development company, let us take in context about what makes Node.Js the best platform for web development over others.

    Key Features:

    • High Performance Model
    • Node.Js supports Micro services
    • Maintenance is Easier with Server less Web Development
    • Rich Ecosystem with Developer Tools
    • Developing Cross-Platform Apps with Node.Js


    • Express Framework
    • Koa Framework
    • Hapi Framework
    • Meteor Framework
    • Framework
    • Sails Framework
    • Framework
    • Nest Framework
    • Total Framework
    • Adonis Framework

    Why Node js is considered as best Mobile App Development Platform

    • It makes mobile app development task hassle free because of its Framework collection.
    • It reduces time of Development

    What makes Node.js different?

    There are two most important differentiating factors:

    • It exhibits server side framework
    • It uses JavaScript as a programming language

    Where can we use Node.js?

    You must use Node.Js while:

    • Building Data Streaming Apps
    • API Server
    • Microservices
    • Development of Web Based Applications


    With the above features, and frameworks, you can get to know about how Node.Js is better than other platforms of web development. It delivers smooth, hassle free experience to the developer and an exceptional user experience.

    In the near future, Node.Js could be a huge part of web development as developers find it comfortable as its base is of JavaScript. Node.Js is ruling out traditional backend development choices and is analyzed as the best .Js ever made.