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  • Hiring a Freelance Developer Vs. Agency Developer

    If you have an idea or planning to take your offline business online then the foremost thing is to create an online platform or website for your business. A website is a representation of your brand, and it is the primary thing that attracts customer.

    The digital appearance of your business is the spinal cord to accelerate your growth in the digital world. Thus, it is a very important thing to hook up with the right team of people for building your digital platform.

    If you have a good business idea and money in your hands, many freelancers or companies will pretend to be the one you are looking for but choosing the right one is important. Most customers choose freelancers over agencies because of low development cost and minimum legal documentation but what about the results and product quality.

    Prishusoft is here to discuss all the disadvantages related to hiring freelancers over any authorised agency:

    Cons of hiring a developer:

    • Availability: Availability of freelancer is always an issue. There is a great probability of his disappearance at the time you need them most. They are a good option if you are sure about their availability but always keep a backup plan in case your freelancer ditches you.
    • Confidentiality of idea: This is the most common issue with the freelancer, to ensure the confidentiality of your idea and strategy is difficult with them. Though you can ask them to sign Non-disclosure agreement still it is difficult to maintain confidentiality.
    • On-time delivery: Freelancer may lack the skill of work planning or project management and this can lead to problems like meeting deadlines.
    • Product quality: Freelancers doesn’t work with the motive of long term relationships with their clients they work for profits and try to finish the project in the earliest possible way to carry up with new projects. This may lead to a compromise with the quality of your project.
    • Maintenance and support: Freelance developers will not provide you with after site maintenance and support.

    Pros of hiring agency:

    • Skilled team of developers: When you are hiring an agency you will get a professional team that consists of designers, developers, managers, QAs, and others. Each employee will work for the betterment of your project.
    • Latest technology and trends: Software development agency has a wide scope to the market trends thus they are aware of all the latest developments and innovations and try to implement on your project.
    • Product quality: Software companies work with the policy of maintaining long-term relationships with clients thus their main focus remains on product quality.
    • Legal issues: With the proper documentation and other formalities there is less chance of any legal issues.
    • On-time delivery: With a team of skilled developers and designers companies can deliver your project before deadlines.
    • Maintenance and support: Companies always try to maintain their clients for the long term as profit is not the sole motive. They provide constant maintenance, regular updates and bug fixes if any.


    Hiring a freelance developer can be a cost-effective option but not the best option. Freelancers may be skilled in working with a specific technology or on a specific project, but a project with complex and unique requirements need a larger and organised team and that is only possible with software agencies.

    If you are looking for a durable and robust business digital platform, Prishusoft is here to help you accelerate the growth of your business and reach your target audience.
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