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Project requirement is always be different for each, in some cases requirement are identified from beginning and in other like product development where you need on going changes and enhancement. In all these scenarios Hire Dedicated Developer model works best to save money and time!


  • Not sure about your project requirement
  • Planing to build a product
  • Looking for on going changes and enhancement
  • Control developers from your place
  • Save money
  • Ongoing Project Maintenance


  • Flexible Hiring Models
  • Control on your virtual team
  • Highly-Skilled resources availability
  • Manage Resources as per your needs(Add/Remove)
  • Monitor team's performance via Daily Reports
  • Source Code Authorization
  • Save time and money
  • Flexible timings to your time zone.
  • Secured development area
  • Adherence to deadlines
  • Data Confidentiality
  • Daily status report along with time sheets
  • Communication with developer via Messenger/Email/Call
  • Top Enterprise Software Development Company

Technical Expertise


Prishusoft caters you with the best fixed cost model in the industry. Ideal for small business and enterprises we deliver incredible web and mobile solutions with a fixed budget at pre-decided deadlines.

  • Less financial risk
  • Payment By Milestone
  • Flexible
  • Control over IT cost
  • Well-defined and fixed requirements

Hire dedicated developers are the most preferred way of outsourcing. Outsource company caters you with skilled employees who are able to complete the project assigned by the client on time and meet their complete requirements.

  • Guaranteed Hours of work
  • No Hidden Cost, Fixed Monthly Charge
  • Expert developers
  • Increased productivity
  • Work on various platforms
  • Ongoing support

This model is suitable for all type of projects. In this model specifications and requirements are not pre-determined. We at Prishusoft offer our customers with amazing flexibility and end-to-end technology development solution.

  • Flexible, No Minimum Limit
  • No Hidden cost
  • Daily and weekly timesheet
  • Signed agreements and proper legal proceedings
  • Superior productivity
  • Dynamic workforce



  • We are here to help you out in terms of selecting the most equipped developers according to your requirements.
  • We will pair our offshore Angular expert's skills with your requirements.
  • You'll be able to run an interview with developers before hiring.
  • You will be given the avenue to discuss work and know about the quotes on tasks.


  • Accentuated productivity by the experienced developers.
  • Our dedicated Angular web programmers will always assist you whenever you want.
  • The programmers you'll hire will work dedicatedly on your project.
  • Provide daily timesheet.


  • The consistency of our team remains the same despite incurring any fluctuations.
  • You can easily assign them one or more projects.
  • You have the authority to increase or decrease team size according to business requirements.
  • Functioning with the same team will consistently boost productivity.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, The entire team of Prishusoft is comprised of experienced and dedicated developers. We are having an average 4+ years of experience in the web and mobile application development (Microsoft certified developers).

We are working dedicatedly for 11+ years and have the experience to work in 20+ countries across the globe. We are available for 24x7 so that you can discuss or meet us anytime according to your time zone (CST/EST/PST/MST). We never compromise with the deadlines and always respect your convenient time to discuss anything.

Yes, the dedicated team or individual developers work remotely on your end as your employees and obey every complaint rules and regulation. Such dedicated developers always stay connected with you over the communication mediums like chatting, audio/video calling and emails.

Our developers have experience with the most industry project management tools like Jira, trello, Microsoft team and many more. We most welcome your suggested management tools, and we are comfortable with any tools you suggest.

Our developers usually manage the source code using GitHub, Bitbucket, so you can review all contemplate issues like debugging or bug fixes and manage it easily.

At Prishusoft, Scrum and Agile methodologies are followed. In Scrum, on every day of a rush, the developers' team retains a daily scrum meeting known as the "daily standup" Meetings are usually held precisely at the same place (we use Skype / Microsoft Team / Slack / GoToMeeting / Voice call for communicating) and precisely in the same time every day.

All developer within the team will answer below questions in daily scrum meeting:

  • What has been done Yesterday?
  • Plan for Today?
  • Facing any problem to complete the work and discuss resolution?

By focusing on what every developer achieved the previous day and will accomplish in the present, it can be determined what and how much work has been done. Therefore it will allow you to assert control and transparency over your assigned work and the programmers. Further, we share receive daily progress timesheet reporting with attached screenshots.

Of course, our developer's skill set will be paired with your requirement, and we share the developer's profile with you. You'll be provided with the chance to run an interview with the developers before hiring. During this time, you can also discuss the work and can determine the quotes on tasks at your discretion.

We consider this as highly important. We start working after duly signed Do-Not-Disclosure(NDA) agreement, and free to include copyright and source code authentication.

Dedicated Hiring:

50% payment of one month as upfront, and the rest of the amount will be scheduled at the end of the month.

Fixed Price Model:

In the fixed-price model, you will have to provide at least 20% to 30% expenditure at the project's inception. Afterwards, you can pay the rest on completion of pre-planned milestones.

Hourly hiring Model

1st week payment as upfront and continue with weekly billing for ongoing work.

Touch base with us to learn more about the kind of services we are offering through our Web Development service. We are here with a motto to give you utmost satisfaction through our service.

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