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  • Why the Laravel framework is great for your project?

    There is surely huge competition in the market when it comes to the selection of a development platform. Modern-day developers are offered several features to accomplish their development tasks. Earlier, the case was different as meeting the development milestones into the timeline was difficult. You need to be really quick in executing your idea else it will be taken or become outdated.

    The open-source nature of the PHP scripting language makes it efficient for developers to add or remove any specific functionality without affecting the rest of the functionalities. Out of several PHP frameworks, Laravel has gained much popularity due to several reasons like speed, security and more.

    What is Laravel?

    Let’s know more about Laravel-the most liked PHP framework. It is one such comprehensive development framework that is the first choice of developers these days. The expressive and elegant syntax makes it stand out from the alternatives. This new framework is development-friendly and lets the developers enjoy the process of application creation. It simplifies the development tasks like authentication, caching, routing etc. used several times in web projects.

    Developers using Laravel for website development does not find the development task tiring or uninteresting due to the flexibility offered by the Laravel framework by PHP. This renowned application development framework is the combination of several other development platforms, thus this is why it is highly appreciable. It is robust, powerful and offers feature-packed tools to develop comprehensive web applications.


    Have a look at these best features of PHP Laravel Framework which includes:

    MVC Architecture Support:

    One of the most useful features of the Laravel Framework is MVC architecture support as it ensures separates business logic and presentation layers. This MVC support offers so much things including various built-in functions, improves application performance, and also increases security as well as scalability.

    Template Engine:

    As you might already know that Laravel frameworks are highly acknowledged for their built-in lightweight templates. These templates can be used to create wonderful layouts using dynamic content seeding.

    In return, it provides multiple widgets which incorporates CSS and JS code with robust structures. Moreover, these templates are innovatively designed to create simple and complex layouts with distinctive sections.


    Artisan is Laravel’s built-in command-line tool which helps to automate the majority of tedious repetitive programming tasks. These artisans can be utilized to create the database structure, a skeleton code, and manage migration, making it an easy-to-manage database system. Additionally, it can generate basic MVC files through the command-line and manage those asses as well as their perspective configurations.

    Apart from that artisan also helps developers in creating their own commands and use them as required.


    Along with these great features, the Laravel framework also offers strong web application security. It uses hashed and salted passwords mechanisms, which makes passwords impossible to save as plain text in the database. Furthermore, it also uses the ‘Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm’ for generating an encrypted password.

    Libraries and Modular:

    Laravel is one of those PHP frameworks that comes pre-installed with Object-Oriented and Modular Libraries. For instance, an Authentication library that is easy-to-implement and has features such as checking active users, Bcrypt hashing, password reset, CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) protection, and encryption. Moreover, this framework is divided into different modules adopting modern PHP principles facilitating responsive and modular web application development.

    How it is useful?

    Convection over configuration approach:

    Laravel is a framework that focuses on the convention over configuration approach. This means that if you follow the naming conventions for different components then you don’t have to focus on the configuration. In the beginning, you will be overwhelmed if you are coming from a conventional PHP programming background. But you get used to it, you won’t go back again.

    User authentication out of the box:

    Laravel framework comes with user authentication out of the box. That means when you set user authentication, Laravel will create all the important components like the user model, the register and login controller, and corresponding views. Furthermore, you can extend these components to add functionality as per the desired business logic of your application.

    Testing automation for test-driven development:

    Laravel makes test-driven development for PHP applications very easy because it supports PHPUnit out of the box.

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