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  • What's New in Angular12? The Best Ten features of Angular12

    Google’s famous typescript-based web framework has recently released its latest version Angular 12, on 12th May 2021. Developers can preview this version as a production release. Apart from the basic improvement, the upgrade is exceptionally remarkable in regards to the latest Ivy technology. The version promises a Legacy View Engine compilation and renders pipeline.

    Ivy technology refers to the next-generation compilation that renders pipeline and offers agile Ahead of Time (AOT) compilation. The best part of the new release is, current libraries with View Engine can work with Ivy applications; however, for library authors, it is advised to commence transitioning to Ivy.

    It is crucial to mention at this point; the Angular Roadmap Project focuses on ‘Zoneless Angular”, which makes Zone.JS options and offers more control to the developers.

    What are the latest features of Angular 12?

    • Enhanced developer ergonomics
    • Scope in leveraging full framework capabilities
    • Code splitting APIs
    • Better compiler environment
    • Reducing framework overhead
    • Improved test times exceptionally
    • Build scalable performance rate
    • Programmers can add directives
    • Simplified mental model
    • Qualified security system

    Enhanced developer ergonomics

    Google is one step ahead to implement stricter type checking for reactive form. It will facilitate the journey of the developers to identify the issues during the development period and enable enhanced text editor and IDE support, and enhance the type-checking methods for reactive forms.

    Scope in leveraging full framework capabilities

    You will get the chance to leverage full framework capabilities with Zone.JS. It suggests; the developing team has finally made Zone.JS an optional component for Angular. As a result, the entire system will be more simplified, improve debugging capacity, and decrease application bundle size.

    Code splitting APIs

    Do you know the most common problems of Small businesses? Most of their web applications are struggling with slow loading time. With the latest version, developers can apply granular code-splitting mode on the component level. With this practice, they can develop more ergonomic code-splitting APIs.

    Better compiler environment

    This inclusion refers to configure interception in HTTP client based on the user’s command. For compiler-cli, a content choice is organized to supply random data in a type-safe way.

    Reducing framework overhead

    The framework strives towards smaller package size, lower maintenance, and lower codebase complexity by removing legacy. However, to accomplish all these tasks together, Angular plans to remove the legacy View Engine for the crisp and conceptual angular codebase.

    Improved test times exceptionally

    On average, developers spend long hours in JMeter. As a result, the process slows down the development cycle significantly. However, by transforming the TestBed, the system can automatically clean up and reduce the test environment complexity and timing. With angular12, developers can enhance test timing and improve their development cycle.

    Build scalable performance rate

    Angular12 has introduced the scope to fabricate performance with NGC as a tsc Plugin distribution. Therefore, by catering Angular compiler as a plug-in of TypeScript compiler is forecasted to enhance the built-in performance of the developer and reduce high maintenance costs substantially.

    Programmers can add directives

    The ability to include the host element as a directive is one of the most incredible freedom developers can enjoy. They can take full advantage of the directives, and the entire infrastructure would allow the developer to augment the crucial components with different behaviour with any inheritance.

    Simplified mental model

    Modules were one of the pre-requisites for standalone components in the previous versions. However, to simplify the developers’ journey and to pace up the development process, Angular12 has made NgModules optional. With this inclusion, developers can implement alternative API to declare the compilation scope of the critical components.

    Qualified security system

    From securing data to the server, Angular12 has come a long way to add more value to potential data. This latest version encourages the developers to add more attention to data security and mitigate server threat. With its in-built system, developers can secure highly confidential data and reduce the risk of malware attack.

    Apart from the necessary changes for developers, Angular12 is the mind-blogging version for next-generation development. Other significant changes brought up by this new version are:
    • The Angular team has deplored the support of the IE11 browser.
    • In the CLI, strict mode is constructed to eliminate any error in the development cycle very easily.
    • DOM elements are removed precisely to aid the animation process. This is considered as a revolutionary change among the developer community.
    • To enhance performance, unused methods have been eliminated from DomAdapter.
    • The Angular community has allowed custom router outlet implementations.
    • The emitevent option is added for Form array and FormGroup.
    • Support of inline SaaS components
    • Swifter integration infrastructure with Angular and Google’s internal server stacks
    • Enhanced developer On-boarding with fresh introductory documentations

    Angular12 is striving towards enhancing the future of development. The three fundamental objectives of this new release can be listed down:
    • Low maintenance cost
    • Empowering development cycle with enhanced speed
    • Simplified testing environment
    • Scalable performance with automated debugging mode

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