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Media and entertainment industry has emerged as one of the biggest industry in the past few years. Latest technology and digitalization are the main factors that affected the growth of this industry.

We at Prishusoft deliver world-class app development services for every sector of media and entertainment industry.

How will this affect your media business?

Digitalization can accelerate the growth of your business and will increase exposure to new opportunities.

  • Cloud-based solutions
  • Wide range of consumer-business media control
  • Stream your media business with streamlined enterprise applications
  • Media files in the necessary format
  • Ease of Media content monetizing
  • Diminishing Media distribution costs.

Our services:

Prishusoft offers countless services to its customers. Our services are designed to suit all your entertainment business needs.

  • Apps for media houses, publishers and magazines
  • Video app development
  • App for the gaming industry
  • Movie streaming app
  • Music app
  • Movie studio app
  • Mobility solution for creative studio
  • News app
  • Photo editing app

Functionalities needed for media app:

Prishusoft aims to make ruling the digital world convenient and serve with the best and creative apps in the industry. An appealing app must possess following latest features to stand apart in the pool of millions of apps.

  • Attractive web app layout
  • Attractive photo gallery
  • News corner
  • Online booking corner
  • Special effects for gaming apps
  • Easy to publish the advertisement
  • Incredible performance
  • App maintenance
  • Updated content
  • Advanced CMS
  • Social media sharing
  • Notifications

Why Prishusoft is the perfect option for you?:

To make any mobile or web app successful developers have to take care of many factors, it requires stunning look, rich features, and the latest functionality with the simple user interface.

When it comes to developing an app for the entertainment and media industry, one needs to do great research to understand the choice of users and market trends.

We embrace all vital factors to make your app successful. Prishusoft works constantly to improve application development and satisfy the needs of our customers.

We apply a lean approach to product development and offer a complete package of services needed to create a trend-setter entertainment web application.

Inquire PRISHUSOFT for your Project Requirements.

We have great experience in
  • ASP.NET MVC / Core - 100%

  • Web API - 90%

  • iPhone - 90%

  • Angular / React - 90%

  • PHP - 90%

  • Node Js - 90%

  • Android - 90%

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