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The engagement model is actually a structure that states the relationship between a client and the outsourcing company. It defines collaboration by stating level of control, accountability and other important terms that must be considered for a long-term partnership. Prishusoft supports a healthy and long-term partnership with clients and believes in serving you with perfection.

Prishusoft is one of the leading companies that serve you with the best outsourcing services. We are known for our commendable work and have a strong understanding of the current market requirements and situations. Outsourcing is not a new word for the industry. Industry experts always prefer outsourcing to enjoy the benefits of globalization. Outsourcing dedicated app developer has been a part of the IT industry for a long time now.

A survey revealed that almost 53% of businesses outsource IT functions. It is a boon for those companies who do not prefer long term commitments. These dedicated developers are well-versed with industrial norms and provide the benefit of accessing technology, knowledge, experience and the architecture that is needed to develop any type of app even the complex one.

Prishusoft caters you with the best fixed cost model in the industry. Ideal for small business and enterprises we deliver incredible web and mobile solutions with a fixed budget at pre-decided deadlines.

  • Less financial risk
  • Payment By Milestone
  • Flexible
  • Control over IT cost
  • Well-defined and fixed requirements

Hire dedicated developers are the most preferred way of outsourcing. Outsource company caters you with skilled employees who are able to complete the project assigned by the client on time and meet their complete requirements.

In other words, one can hire dedicated developers who are intelligent, proficient, experienced and have in-depth knowledge of all the development platforms that are required for the completion of your project.

  • Guaranteed Hours of work
  • No Hidden Cost, Fixed Monthly Charge
  • Expert developers
  • Increased productivity
  • Work on various platforms
  • Ongoing support

This model is suitable for all type of projects. In this model specifications and requirements are not pre-determined. We at Prishusoft offer our customers with amazing flexibility and end-to-end technology development solution.

Being the leader of the industry we understand our customers need very well and thus our time and material offer you a facility to pay as per use of the hourly activity.

  • Flexible, No Minimum Limit
  • No Hidden cost
  • Daily and weekly timesheet
  • Signed agreements and proper legal proceedings
  • Superior productivity
  • Dynamic workforce

Each and every model has its own pros and cons thus choose the model that will suit your project the best.

There are many reasons to opt to outsource over any other type of hiring structure. Outsourcing helps a business reduce its expenses, the time it takes to get an app to the market and improve the business. These services are being used largely across the world in either level of businesses from the very small to the largest.

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