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Website Builder Tool

This web application is used to create and manage multiple websites, their pages and content. Using this tool client create multiple websites for their clients with multiple functionality like Add N number of pages, apply predefined templates, gallery, calendar, file plugins.

  • TOOLS & TECHNOLOGIES: Telerik controls, SSRS Reporting Service, Select PDF
  • INDUSTRY: All Domains
  • TYPE OF SERVICES: Application Design, Application Development, Application Maintenance


  • SAAS base tool, where multiple clients and their website created and managed.
  • Add multiple menu items to website, manage website content using different custom developed plugins like Gallery, video, contact page, etc
  • Application has to be responsive
  • Custom CMS - where pages, gallery, calendar, news, files, backup has to maintained
  • Create XML database for all information
  • Event scheduler and SMS functionality
  • Online client support
  • Separate login for each client, where they manage their website information and more.


  • Prishusoft created online web application in ASP.NET with MSSQL server as backend
  • Application is divided into 2 modules:
    • Admin
    • Client
  • Admin create client and their website, can manage all client websites and information
  • Client login and manage their website information, create new menu items and pages, add various type contents to page like gallery, text content, video, images and more.
  • As per client requirement to store all data in XML, created custom XML database for all info stored to get better performance
  • Created Functionality to take website backup before changes made and restore functionality as well.
  • Open source PDF processing tool used to generate PDF reports.
  • Used telerik controls to make system more powerful and user friendly.
  • Created multiple modules to put into site are Gallery, Calendar, News, Files, etc.


Successfully developed web based application to create and manage multiple websites, easy to use and modify created website easily, Client is really happy with solution provided and application + created website performance.
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